Farm to school has three primary pillars: school gardens for hands-on learning, nutrition and agriculture education in the classroom or cafeteria, and procurement. The first two often serve as more recognized features of farm to school — detailed lesson plans, photos of smiling students and sunny gardens, and posters of tomatoes wearing sunglasses all help to convey…Read More >>

Farm to school is at the intersection of several sectors — health and nutrition, agriculture, education and more. Information about some of the basic systems that affect farm to school participation can sometimes be multi-layered and complex. The Pennsylvania Farm to School Network seeks to create resources that foster an understanding of these systems and ways farm…Read More >>

The Pennsylvania Farm to School Network is proud to share the final version of the 2020-2025 strategic plan with you. Thank you to the teachers, administrators, farmers, food service staff, support organizations, and community members who provided thoughtful feedback on the draft version of the plan. Your input helped the network…Read More >>