The Keystone Fresh Act (HB 2420) – PA’s Local Food Purchasing Incentive (LFPI) – will provide Pennsylvania family farmers with access to school food markets and increase the volume and variety of PA grown food products in K-12 school meals.

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Programs like this allow school food service programs to prioritize locally grown products in their school meals. They bring awareness to our students about where food comes from and supports our local growers. This is a win for everyone.”

– Nicole Melia, Public Policy and Legislative Chair, SNAPA

“This is a great opportunity for our students to get fresh wholesome food that is produced by Pennsylvania farmers. It creates a connection between the students and the farmers who produce their food locally.”
– Chris Hoffman, President, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau

“Local food systems and relationships help to strengthen ties between producers and consumers (famers and kids) and between rural and urban areas. Local food production, short supply chains and a greater degree of self-sufficiency in PA is key.”
– Lindsay Jacob, Manager, Clarion River Organics, Clarion County

Sponsored by a variety of groups across multiple sectors, including:

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