October is national Farm to School Month, a time to celebrate the connections happening all across Pennsylvania, and the country, between children and local food!

Whether you already have plans to implement and celebrate farm to school activities or you are just starting to think about how you can participate – there are plenty of resources available.

However you plan to celebrate, we encourage you to take the pledge and commit to supporting one or more elements of farm to school, including:

Take the pledge today!

Participating in Farm to School Month is a great way to help strengthen the broader farm to school and farm to early care and education movement. Spreading awareness about your efforts can motivate our communities to prioritize and implement farm to school.

Whether you’re touting your school garden, highlighting taste tests, or showcasing your locally-sourced fresh food in school meals, your efforts can inspire others and lead to increased policy, systems, and environment changes throughout PA.

We encourage you to engage on social media if appropriate and if you have capacity. We’ll look out for your posts if you use #PAFarmtoSchool #F2SMonth and/or #PAPreferred and reshare them across our network to highlight your efforts as well.

Social Media Tips and Sample Posts

Happy celebrating!

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